2016 Tyrrhenian International Workshop on Digital Communications What Lies Beyond 5G?

September 12-14, 2016
Livorno, Italy

General co-chairs:
Marco Luise
Luca Sanguinetti

Technical Program Committee:
Mehdi Bennis
Giuseppe Bianchi
Guido Ferrante
Raymond Knopp
Mari Kobayashi
Tony Quek
Sergio Palazzo
Walid Saad
Ivan Stupia
Luc Vanderdorpe
Roberto Verdone

Today, cellular networks stakeholders are ramping up their activities on “5G”; and, as for previous generations of cellular systems, we witness an ongoing vibrant discussion to examine new ways to plan, deploy, and manage cellular and wireless networks for improving coverage, boosting the network’s capacity, and reducing the deployment and maintenance costs. 5G promises radically higher capacity and lower latency, which will enable virtual-reality, tactile internet, and control of vehicles in real time. Whilst the actual architecture and technologies that will make 5G are still unspecified to a large extent, researchers are already investigating a number of topics that qualify as “Beyond 5G” or B5G like massive cooperation, infrastructureless device-to-device networking, physical security, and so on.

This workshop cordially invites researchers to share their latest research insights, and to present key and emerging results on the new B5G mobile communications technology enablers, including novel networking protocols, wireless techniques, hardware designs, and network architecture.

The workshop will be characterized by an informal and highly interactive atmosphere and will feature world-class speakers, tutorials, exhibits, and technical sessions consisting of oral presentations. Invited lectures will be given by leaders in both academia and industry to describe recent research results and controversial but substantiated opinions that may influence the direction of future R&D.

The contributions will mainly be invited – researchers are nonetheless encouraged to submit extended abstract on particularly hot topics, that will be considered by special sessions organizers to be possibly included into the technical program. Dedicated tutorial afternoon session will be directed to young researchers and PhD students on one track, and to experienced researchers wishing to know more about ongoing large research projects and initiatives in the field on the other.


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